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HERE (2023)

I left home at age 14. I spent 4 years in boarding school, then 5 years away at university, and finally 10 years traveling the world playing pro basketball.

Somewhere along that journey I planted the seed for an ambiguous, but deeply personal, creative idea, OMWH (On My Way Home). It encapsulated what I wrote, filmed, and photographed from the world I experienced while in search. It was all the simple beauty I saw and wanted to share with people I love the next time I saw them--chiefly my mom.

In the latter half of my playing career, my journey toward mindfulness shifted the "H" from "home" to "here". The idea of always arriving, always discovering, always learning. That shift changed how I perceived time and as a result, love and my relationships.

When I finally retired from basketball in 2022, I didn't know my first year away from the game would be my last year with my mom. "Here" is a short video dedicated to her and the love between a mother and son. I made it in the wake of her passing from cancer. I was gripped by grief, frantically searching for saved moments, memories, a message to hold onto, only to find a few videos and realize she passed a year almost to the day that I came back to the USA.

Each season it was tradition to conspire with my siblings to surprise her. It was also tradition for us to have a long phone call each Friday when I was abroad. "Here" combines the two in what feels like a perpetual hello and goodbye--a phone call that was always difficult to hang up and a surprise that always let me know I was finally home.

2021 (2021)

There aren't enough words to tell the story of 2021. In that spirit, "2021" is a raw, but carefully spliced, chronological whiplash of moments. It is inspired by the middle bulk of the video which features the offseason. During my playing career, I always described the summer as an arduous attempt to bend time--trying to cram 10 months away from family and friends into 8 short weeks. The entirety of the year felt as chaotic. "2021" captures the pace and range of change in route to what I knew would be my last season of professional basketball.

ARRIVAL (Turkey, 2020)

There were moments that I thought 2020 would be my final season of professional basketball. Going into the year, I didn't know what to expect. No one did. We were deep in the unknown of COVID and as a result, I was coming off an unusual offseason where, for the first time in a long time, basketball was the least of my concerns. The lack of expectation was liberating. Basketball felt like only a game again. "Arrival" is the final part in a video series capturing the start of a new season overseas. It is a montage rooted in a desire to remember the feelings of a new club, new teammates, and a new preseason.

THE CALM (Israel, 2018)

When I'd share that I had a game in another country, family and friends would always ask, "Well, are you going to see this and are you going to visit that?" as though I were on a weeklong vacation. "The Calm" is an honest, perhaps satirical, behind the scenes look at one of these international roadtrips. It gives perspective to everything that goes into a quick, 48hr Champions League roadtrip from Jerusalem, Israel to Athens, Greece and back.

LA FAMILIA (Spain, 2012-2014)

Every 4 years, NCAA D1 basketball programs are permitted one international summer experience. On the eve of my final season at Stanford, our team traveled to Spain. 11 days. 4 cities. 6 scrimmages. 1 special team. "La Familia" is a nostalgic look at collegiate brotherhood, amateur athletics, and innocent adventure.

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